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About This Site

From the New York Times April 24 2003:
A Taiwanese woman put a mask on her kitten to
protect her against SARS. Tawain’s health
government has banned all people with SARS
from entering or leaving the island.

This site conforms to the XHTML 1.1 and CSS2 standards. If it does not display correctly on your browser, you may want to consider using a standards-conformant browser. Safari does a pretty good job on the Mac, but it does not center the Monkey of the Day correctly on the front page. Internet Explorer/Mac does a passable job, but messes up the borders on the images. Internet Explorer/Windows ignores CSS2 altogether.
All of the images (at least, the ones I didn’t borrow from somewhere else) are larger than they appear in your browser. You can save the image to disk or open it in a new window to see more detail. An advantage of having the browser scale the image is that JPEG artifacts are minimized. Most of the images are reduced from the original size to reduce download time.
GNU make and the C preprocessor build the site. A custom program fixes the quotation marks. A common header file keeps the menus consistent. Photoshop Elements 2.0 edits images. Example files to see how it all fits together: chhom_abo.h chhom_abo_content.z
I actually developed the technology to build the website for the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, although the structure of the pages is different. It was very convenient to have fifty content pages automatically rebuilt whenever I changed a common element.