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Formative Years Pictures
Mating lion
If you were offended by that picture, and you are a student, employer, or would-be friend of mine, I sincerely apologize. However, I doubt any employers would care, given that I’ve worked for a certain unnamed Dutch computer science professor who had roughly 50 naked pictures of himself on his own home page. He seems to have developed a sense of propriety and taken most of them down, but rest assured that I squirreled away a few of those pictures in anticipation of just such an eventuality. I’ll have to dig them up.
These pictures were taken my second and third years at Stanford. There are no digital pictures from my first year, which is probably just as well, what with the drugs and the hookers and all.
At Ann Le’s House

Ann Le — She was such a sweet innocent girl

Continuing with less prurient imagery, we have my friends Ann, Travis, Kate, and Webb. These were all taken at Ann’s house in Laguna, just south of Sacramento, winter 2000. I took these with a digital camera I was borrowing from my lab. At the time I preferred to scan slides to shooting digital, but $25 processing fees and airline “security” that destroys film have made film utterly infeasible.

Kate Golden and Webb Phillips &mdash they were a unit back in the day

Living at Hippie Ground Zero

Roommates XXX
(Winter 2001)

Zak Frentz on the front porch of Columbae (Winter 2001)

I lived at Columbae for Stanford years one and two. Year three I lived in Mountain View, and year four I lived in Palo Alto. My first quarter my roommates were Nurith Amitai, Ribka Bernhau, Laura Jean Torgerson, Jordan McKinney, Barry Wark, Nate Folkert, and Nick Greenberg. I lived with Nate again my second quarter. Third quarter I lived with Ren Ng. Fourth quarter (summer) I lived in Chi Theta Chi with Ben Koh. Fifth quarter I lived with Amy Chen. There were supposed to be monks living with us, too, but the abbott canceled the trip at the last minute because it would have been unfair to the monks who couldn’t go. Sixth quarter I lived with XXX. Seventh quarter I lived with Mark James and Jules []. Mark is a champion table soccer player. He normally plays with Luke Biewald. Eighth quarter (summer) I lived alone in an EV Studio. I don’t remember the names of my flatmates year three. One was a EE Ph.D. graduate student from Canada. The other was a Ph.D. in some other kind of engineering and was from some hot place in Asia. He attempted to replicate the climate of his homeland with a small electric heater. This was during the California energy crisis.

I don’t mind embarrassing Logan Grosnick (Fall 2000)

Full Moon on the Quad is a yearly tradition at Stanford. The hippies have been streaking it as long as I remember. We also used to streak the prosective freshmen (pro-fro) dance until this year, 2003. The university doesn’t seem to care about Full Moon, but they get really pissed when some drunked, naked yahooes frighten the prospective freshmen. It’s just not worth the hassle of running from the police. That’s why we stopped. The picture here was taken by some guy in the Stanford Band.
Trouble with the Po Leece

Trespassing in the Stanford hot tub

The fine for a first offense trespassing violation is $10 and it doesn’t go on your criminal record. However, any guilty plea or verdict also results in court costs. The total cost for the trespassing violation is $76 or so, per person. Also, most lawyers don’t know much about criminal defense, and very few know anything about defending against infractions. Good luck finding someone to tell you anything helpful. Although you can try to weasel your way out of the offense by showing up to court to contest the ticket (particularly if each defendant tries to arrange for a separate trial), you’ll be doing it blind without any preparation. It’s much smarter to rent a hot tub or to get a room at a hotel that has a hot tub and use that instead.

Viennese with Janice Cheng and Pam Olson

I, sadly, didn’t know about Viennese Ball my first year and therefore missed it, but I’ve gone every year since then. Second year I went with my officemate, Janice Cheng. Alexei Kosut took the picture. Third year I went with Pam Olson. Fourth year (picture on the “Adolescence” page) I went with Irene Shih.

Tomoko Sakai — Tomoko 1, Tomoko 2

Tomoko always makes fun of my photography and cooking. But sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s her fault.