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Adolescence Pictures

Not me

These are pictures from my fourth year at Stanford and beyond. You will notice that the overpass described in this picture is not named after me. I am not dead, and I am most certainly not jewish. There have been many conversations relating this sign to me. I thought this picture would be helpful in clearing up any confusion.
Fat Cats and Mike

Feline adipose tissue in vivo

Mike Montage

My aunt’s cats are very fat. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2002. I’m not sure what there is to say about Mike Love, except that this series of pictures was taken Winter 2003. I think it ably shows off his range.
Stallman Cometh

Richard Stallman comes to Stanford Law School

My favorite part about Richard Stallman’s visit was when he charged for autographs. He gave one to this guy who had to go to an ATM to get the money. I would have asked to have my picture taken with him, but I didn’t want him to ask me for money, too. You might want to look at Stallman’s personal ad on his personal website if you’re in the market for an uber-nerd. Stallman is much better looking than, say, Alan Cox.

Irene XXX at the tea garden in San Francisco (Winter 2003) and at her desk (Spring 2003)

Irene is a wonderful girl, and she cooks well, too. I think this is the only time she’s worn her blue sailor shirt.

Irene XXX at Viennese

I went to Viennese with Irene my fourth year.
Graduation 2003

Luke version 2.0: Smaller and more advanced

Tomoko and her ma

Not sure what to say about graduation. Graduations are a lot like funerals to me. You show up to honor the guy down in front, and it’s not a happy occassion to see him go. Fortunately, most Stanford grads don’t go very far.
More Nakedness

Official race pornography

Bare (Bay) to Breakers is a lot of fun, and it is probably the most exercise I’ve ever gotten in one day. But there are many people along the route who liked to take pictures of my friends. It made all of us very uncomfortable, and I wish they hadn’t done that. There were even some who followed us for 10 minutes or more, snapping away. Normally I would say that those people should go home and download porn from the Internet. But at Bay to Breakers the people taking pictures are the ones who actually put the pictures on the Internet! So instead I would just say that those people ought to have more respect for women. Really, it doesn’t take much to know the kind of behavior we experienced was inappropriate.

James Welle and Sarah Erck on the bus
in San Francisco

Jamie came down from Seattle over Thanksgiving. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2002. He’s a good friend from the University of Minnesota. He works at Microsoft and does outdoorsy stuff. He also likes good food and new music. In this picture he is with his girlfriend/fiancee/whatever Sarah Erck.

Canoeing with James Welle and Sarah Erck
on Lake Washington

I saw Jamie in Seattle in the middle of July. Seattle’s an amazing city in the summer. The downtown is dense enough to walk where you need to go. The lakes, the sound, and the mountains are all very close to the city. Although San Francisco offers everything Seattle does, in San Francisco, everything is just far enough away to be a huge pain in the ass.

Some kind of butterfly

The oddest thing I saw was the Chinese emperor’s throne, which was sitting in the Asian art museum just beind a velvet rope. It flummoxes me: Why, of all places, would the throne of the emperor of China be sitting in a little museum in Seattle? The throne was less ornate than I expected. It was small and short, of dark wood with rectangular cross sections. It was expertly carved, but it wasn’t elaborate.